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A little about me...


Thanks to my dad, I grew up viewing the world through the lens of a camera. There was always a story to be told when I fed film into the back of that Pentax. Then, more than 18 years ago now, my hobby was launched into a career, fueled by the birth of my daughter.


Making portraits of children and sports was my first venture. Then, after a couple years, I was blessed with the opportunity to start capturing the memories of weddings and events. My many years spent then are unforgettable, and even now I get blessed to work with these new families through their life's journeys. When the film industry hit Georgia, I found a new challenge - movies - in both still and motion! That was fun and educational, but then I landed my dream job, shooting sports. Opportunities all over the nation present themselves and I oblige - with pleasure!


Skilled and educated in a wide variety of picture making, I continue to shoot everything around me - always camera in hand, it's my passion!


Enough about me, what about you? Use the contact page to drop me a line!

I look forward to meeting you,


Jamie Lyn Spaar

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